We Are Lewisham and we…know film has the power to create change.

Films can make a huge impact on audiences and the world at large. Through the lens of a camera stories unfold and characters develop, to create something that can move audiences in all sorts of ways. This is why we’ve chosen film as November’s Creative Challenge theme; we want to share the characters, stories and unique atmosphere that make this borough so special.

Lewisham is…

What’s your experience of Lewisham? Could you capture a snippet of it on film? In partnership with The South London Film Festival and the Lewisham Young Mayors Team, we want to create a mass film montage made up of clips that have been filmed by people who are connected to the borough. We want to showcase the sights, sounds and spirit of this special borough, through the eyes of the people that know it best – you!’

The film will be called ‘A Day in the Life of Lewisham’ and we would like your clips to be no longer than 15 seconds and one continuous shot with no edits. All we need is a short single shot of what Lewisham life looks like for you. We’ll do the rest. 

The prompt to use is ‘Lewisham is…

Don’t feel restricted. Be creative! You could film all sorts of things, including people, places, buildings, landscapes, favourite eating places, journeys about what Lewisham means to you. Or speak to the camera, even just one word will do! 

You can film it on any camera – including a camera phone – landscape or portrait. You can record it in any format e.g. digital or film, but it MUST be submitted digitally in Full HD quality as an .MP4 or .MOV format. 

The deadline to submit is midnight on 22 December.

Your clip will be included in the final film montage which will be showcased online early next year.

Share a clip of what your ‘Lewisham is…’ here.

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A Lewisham Loves Film event: ‘We Film, Your Film’, Presented by Lewisham Young Mayors in partnership with The South London Film Festival

At the end of November, Lewisham Young Mayors Team and The South London Film Festival are hosting ‘We Film, Your Film’ – A Lewisham Loves Film Event. Taking place at The Fellowship Inn, there will be special screenings of a selection of short films curated by the Young Mayors team with The South London Film Festival, that will focus on activism and people power. There will also be a Q&A panel with industry professionals.

More details to come soon, so watch this space.