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18 May - 30 November

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Multiple locations across Lewisham.

A striking new public artwork about air pollution by artist Dryden Goodwin and Invisible Dust.

Combining over 1,000 drawings of six local activists fighting for breath,  Breathe:2022 by Dryden Goodwin will appear outdoors on walls and bridges across Lewisham in 2022.

Relating to the death of Ella Adoo-Kissi-Debrah and the growing battle for climate justice, it connects this global health emergency to the daily lives of local Lewisham residents and activists.

Six local people from across the borough bear witness to the impact of air pollution – and the power of activism – through their bodies and breath. Participants from local activist groups including Choked Up, Mums for Lungs, Clean Air for Catford, and Rosamund Adoo–Kissi-Debrah, mother of Ella and founder of the Ella Roberta Foundation, as well as a school child and Goodwin’s 15 year old son, have been drawn by the Lewisham based artist as they ‘fight to breathe’

Breathe:2022 asks us to both stay with the claustrophobia of ‘fighting for breath’ but begin to look upwards and outwards, towards the possibilities of community action and a clean air future for all.




Multiple locations across Lewisham.


We Breathe, Together: A Day of Community Air Action and Exploration

A family-friendly day packed full of free creative workshops, installations and talks exploring our air, health and environment, extending the conversation around Breathe: 2022.

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Dryden Goodwin

“I experience drawing as an act of empathy, thinking yourself into another person’s life, their emotions and story as you draw them. As it’s clear we don’t all breathe the same air, the role of empathy will play a vital role if we are going to achieve the change needed locally and globally. Through making hundreds of drawings of these 6 individuals - the activists, my son and a younger local child - animation seems to become a metaphor for essential collective action.”

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Invisible Dust

Invisible Dust works with leading artists and scientists to produce unique and exciting works of contemporary art and new scientific ideas exploring our environment and climate change.

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We’re Calling Action on the Climate Emergency

In 2022, all across Lewisham, we’ll be inspiring climate action. Discover a whole host of events and activities all focused on the climate. Come along and be part of the conversation.