Moving Day

Public Spaces, across lewisham

1 August - 30 September

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Immerse yourself in this site-specific theatre performance that focuses on growing older in your community.

Moving Day tells the story of 76-year-old Annie who faces eviction from the neighbourhood that she loves and has grown older in. She faces the painful prospect of having to move away from the Lewisham community that she contributed to in so many different ways, as a mother, a good neighbour and a local activist. But now everything has changed…

Moving Day asks what makes life worth living when we are no longer able to fully care for ourselves. How can we be supported to continue to grow older, in the community, as valued and contributing members? In our journey into older, old age, what do we take with us? What do we leave behind? There is much talk about age-friendly communities. Moving Day asks how they could actually be realised.

Moving Day is devised and performed by Glorious Age, an Entelechy Arts performance company, who are a collective of Lewisham residents aged 65+ that create artistic projects and performances which are courageous, beautiful, joyful and risk-taking. The performance is being created with Lewisham based artists, housing, health and social care practitioners and local people of all ages.