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the Albany, deptford

25 April - 1 October

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This is a free, drop-in installation.

Greek artist Andreas Angelidakis's outdoor artwork is free to visit in the Albany garden. Here you can wander through the sculptures, or sit alone to think, or with friends to talk.

Seawall is a collection of eight identical structures made to resemble concrete accropode blocks that are designed to resist the action of waves on coastal locations. The work was the artist’s response to the encroaching ocean and coastal erosion due to climate change.

Using the guise of human response to flooding through the invention of sea defence mechanisms, his work reflects on whether the border between land and sea can continue to be a habitable place.

Angelidakis has turned the idea of this geometrically shaped object from something used to create and defend borders to a place made to spark dialogue and break down barriers between people.

An England’s Creative Coast commission in 2021 led by Turner Contemporary. Originally presented with Hastings Contemporary as part of Waterfronts, 2021.

Interaction with the work is at your own risk.


Mon - Sat 9am-4pm



This is a free, drop-in installation.

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About the artist

Andreas Angelidakis describes himself as 'an architect who doesn't build'.

He was born in 1968, Athens, Greece, and lives and works in Athens. His recent exhibitions include ‘Softwalks’ at Fotogalleriet, Oslo (2021), “Demos- A reconstruction” at MOCA Toronto (2020), “I used to build my feelings, now I watch them leave” at La Loge in Brussels (2018), Documenta 14 in Kassel and Athens (2017). Currently he is working on a large-scale Soft piece with the Center for Heritage Arts and Textile in Hong Kong, a public installation in Switzerland, and exhibition design for “Yannis Tsarouchis” at Wrightwood695, curated by Adam Szymczyk.

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Event Location

the Albany, deptford

The installation is in the Albany garden.

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