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Here Now Us

Multiple venues, across lewisham

9 May - 1 December

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Here Now Us is created for, and by, the community in Lewisham; amplifying voices, tackling issues, highlighting inclusion and taking performances to audiences unable to attend events.

This programme of activity will tackle the topics that matter to the people of Lewisham including access and inclusion, age discrimination and marginalisation.

In May, We Will Be Happy Here by Spare Tyre will bring an all-new sensory interactive installation and workshop experience. Created and made for people with learning disabilities, it explores the desires, ambitions and the things which connect everyone across their differences.

From August to September, Entelechy Arts present Moving Day, a site-specific performance devised and performed by Glorious Age. The theatre performance tackles age discrimination and the thoughts that take over as we age in a community that we’ve contributed to our entire lives.

The Home: Roadshow by Christopher Green will be coming to care homes across the borough throughout 2022. This 30-minute laughter-inducing show has been created specifically to connect care home residents with those who care for them as well as the world beyond their care homes.

If you love interesting stories and delicious food then Sonic Phở is for you. This unique audio experience brings together top Vietnamese restaurants in the borough with stories from the Vietnamese diaspora about belonging, migration, food and history.

Wherever you go in Lewisham in 2022, Here Now Us will bring you a connective, thought-provoking programme designed to showcase less heard voices in the community.


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