Open Writing Challenge: Your Words, Your Lyrics, Your Story

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We Are Lewisham has partnered with Lewisham Music and International Slam Champion Y.A. Poet to launch an exciting new open writing challenge. Using the prompt ‘Lewisham Life Lessons’ we want you to share your experience of growing up and living in Lewisham.

Y.A. Poet plus a guest panel of judges – acclaimed music producer Intalekt and a member of We Are Lewisham team – will be selecting their ‘Artists’ Pick’ to win a three-hour studio session with Intalekt himself! The prize will be awarded for the ‘most original response to the brief’.

Your words are meaningful and they have power and you deserve to be heard. We can’t wait to hear your creations!

You have 60 seconds to submit a film of / your lyrics / your poetry / your rap /.

Tag @WeAreLewisham @lewishammusic and include #CreativeChallenge #WALCreativeChallenge to submit your entry via Instagram by 21 October 2022.

Please note, your entry must be your own words (not copying or plagiarising anyone else).

Tips & Techniques from Y.A. Poet:

1. Free Flow Writing – Put the prompt ‘Lewisham Life Lessons’ at the top of the page and let your pen flow freely. You will develop a stream of consciousness that will help us engage with what your experience is.
2. Structured Writing – Put ‘Lewisham Life Lessons’ in the middle of the page and off that write down thoughts, ideas, opinions, feelings, anything that relates to the prompt that you could use in your piece.
3. Be your authentic self – there is no point writing if the words don’t belong to you so tune in, remove any distractions and talk your truth

Filming Tips & Practicalities:

Length: your video should be no more than 60 seconds.
Format: you can film landscape or portrait on a camera or mobile phone, but please note that we will crop to square dimensions.
Language: please keep language clean and inclusive, suitable for all audiences.
Sharing: please use Instagram to share your video, including the hashtag #CreativeChallenge #WALCreativeChallenge and tag @WeAreLewisham @lewishammusic.

The following recommendations will boost the quality of your video.
● Find a quiet, bright space to film, where you are unlikely to be interrupted.
● Film against a plain background, and avoid windows, which can create a background glare.
● If you don’t have access to a tripod or gimble, ask someone to hold the camera/phone or prop it up on a stable surface.
● If you don’t want to appear in the video you could choose a location or image to film while you speak so that only your voice appears in the video.

Terms & Conditions:

● The competition is open to all Lewisham residents.
● Entries must be submitted by midnight on 21 October 2022.
● Your submission must be your own words, not copying or plagiarising others.
● Entries must not contain language that could be offensive to others – this is part of a community programme.
● By submitting your entry you grant Lewisham Council, Lewisham Music and YA Poet permission to share your writing as part of the We Are Lewisham programme including (but not limited to) their websites and social media channels for the duration of Lewisham’s year as London Borough of Culture (2022). Entries may also be used as part of a public sound installation in the borough.
● Winners will be notified by 28 October 2022 and the prize of studio time must be taken up by 31 December 2022. No alternative prize will be offered.