Our Work with National Poetry Day and Dalmain Primary School

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In partnership with National Poetry Day, a group of talented pupils at Dalmain Primary School have been working with poet Francesca Beard to write a series of powerful poems all about clean air, nature and the climate emergency. Linking to National Poetry Day’s theme of ‘The Environment’ the pupils wrote poems of praise and protest about this theme and the results were really impressive, check them out below! 

"Our children love reading, writing and performing poetry, and we were delighted to collaborate on this exciting project. Poetry allows children to be free - it shows them at their most creative, their most spontaneous and their most joyful. We are looking forward to seeing our children's poetry develop further through National Poetry Day, and we look forward to reading the inspirational poetry of children across Lewisham."

- Martin O'Donovan, Writing Lead, Dalmain Primary School

Poetry written by 8-11-year-olds from Dalmain Primary School’s Eco Council and Writing Laureates, with support from Francesca Beard.

These poems are going to be printed on billboards across Lewisham at the end of October, so make sure you keep your eyes peeled when you’re out and about.

MultiVerse Poetree

Old roots growing into new

Home of the fresh, deep, dark earth,

Branches wave and celebrate



People chase me out –

Why? I am as beautiful

As any human



We are powerful

We contain future culture




Soft green, scorched by sun

Cries for wilting family

‘This city needs me!’



Cleaning Up Time

When only one person tries their best

Everyone is in a mess

A few people can’t do everything,

Each of us needs to do something

Under the skies and over the seas,

We share the air we breathe with the trees

The planet is what connects us,

We must all protect it



A Week in Lewisham

On Monday we cleaned the pond in the community garden

On Tuesday we planted buddleia and lavender for the bees

On Wednesday we banned single use plastics

On Thursday we pedestrianised the street

On Friday we stopped eating meat

On Saturday we cleaned the oceans and the seas

On Sunday we celebrated in our pjs – hooray!



I am Lewisham

The beautifulest, bestest

Boroughiest Borough I’ve ever seen

But in my view, I’m not so clean.

People are on the streets, littering,

Eating crisps, not noticing the bin,

He stands, mouth open and empty

Wondering what on earth is going on?

Kids and little creatures are coughing

While fossil fuels fill the air

Like there’s no tomorrow.

We can fix this sorrow,

Come together as a borough,

The bestest and most boroughiest

Borough on Planet Earth.

Help me!

Make us Beautiful Lewisham



Dear London,

We are writing to com-plane

And ash you birch-lightly

To log off your annoying tree-tment.

When will you twig,

Your behaviour is not Oak-A?!

We have leafed here longer,

Put down roots, branched out.

Then, out of the blue,

Yew came, with your saws,

Hacking off our slow song,

Stomping on our young,

Sapping our strength,

Chopping our elders down.

We have our prioritrees

Cleansing the atmosphere,

Sheltering creatures.

You are axing us from our dutrees.

We are living beings,

We have a right to thrive and grow,

Humans, we beech you,

Willow you allow us to lime in peace?

Alder we canopy in harmony or

You need to rowan us alone.

Yours pine-ingly,

the Trees.



Big Bang

I see the vivid green leaves

I notice the towering brown trunk

I wonder, when did the seed explode?




Dear Readers,

We hive taken time out of our buzzy day

To let you know

Honey doesn’t grow on trees!

If you don’t better your behaviour

Our workers,

(aka Little stripey Kings)

Can’t do their essential, front-line jobs!

How can we be pollinating?

When you keep on polluting?

Stop what you are doing!

There is no Planet B!

You need to let us Bee!


The Real Queens



Once and Future Dinosaurs

Praise to the ferns,

Ancient and new

With their intricate hidden designs

Unfurling into view

Ferns, do you hear

The claw of archaeopteryx

In a pigeons’ coo?



The World is Our Present

Sense the world beyond the words

Feel the spaces of nature between heart beats

See leaves like stars

Crystal spider webs

Glowing water

Know you are part of this planet

This beautiful, blue green marvel



am tiny

would you see me

if I disappeared?

i know you would notice

when the fruit did not fruit

and the crops did not grow

i am so small

i do so much good

so can you

i am one among so many

i help make a difference

so can you