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12 Creative Challenges championed Lewisham's creativity.

Each month, we set a new Creative Challenge for Lewisham’s communities and residents, allowing schools, community groups, and individuals to explore different art forms such as music, dance, and architecture.

In February, we made clay walruses in honour of the Horniman’s Museum‘s beloved walrus and to raise awareness of the Climate Emergency. In May, we focused on gardening, and 500 herb growing kits were distributed in partnership with the RHS. In October, we partnered with National Poetry Day and children from Dalmain Primary School worked with poet Francesca Beard to write poems which were then displayed on billboards across the borough.


Creative Challenges


people got involved

“I got to spend time with people who are passionate about our world. It made me feel exhilarated."
Toby, Pupil at Dalmain Primary School

Listen to the Lewisham mixtape

In August, our Creative Challenge focused on music. Lewisham is proud of its rich musical influence – from punk to lover’s rock to grime. Taken from the playlist Catford Island Discs by local DJ Doo Lang, we curated a playlist of top picks for songs that represent the Borough.

You can still listen to the mixtape on Spotify.

Listen to the mixtape